Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 43

Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 43 Walkthrough

Score 160,000 points in 30 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 43

Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 43

1 star: 160000 points
2 stars: 175000 points
3 stars: 190000 points


Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 43 can be a bit of a tough level. This level is only hard if you don’t open it up quick enough to get good moonstrucks. You get 2 of them in this level. Otis seems to stay balanced fairly well. You need to be crushing through the cages as quickly as possible in this level. The more the level is opened up, the better your moonstrucks will be. You only get one move in your moonstrucks, so make them count! Color bombs are effective if any are made or wrapped candies can shake up the level. If you have none of those things, try to crush as low as you can and hope you get a really good cascade effect. Getting a lot of points during your moonstrucks are the really only way to pass this level. You can possibly score a lot of points in between them but I noticed Otis tends to fall off easier if you are scoring too many points. SO try your best to get good moonstrucks and this level will be beaten.

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