Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 47

Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 47 Walkthrough

Score  150000 points in 30 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 47

Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 47

1 star: 150000 points
2 stars: ????? points
3 stars: ????? points


Candy Crush DreamWorld Level 47 is another tough one. Otis is very sensitive on this level. Not only that but you have a lot of ground to cover in 30 moves. I would spend most of the level clearing cages where you can and making specials candies when you can( unless it’s one of Otis’s colors, then I would avoid it). The majority of your points are going to happen with your Moonstruck which you only get 1 in this level. It will happen when you have 3 moves left and it will last the rest of the game. This is the part where you need to go nuts. If there are color bombs from the moonstruck use them! I wouldn’t combine them with stripes but if you can combine it with a wrapped go for it. The striped/color bomb combo doesn’t yield as much points as just using the color bomb or using it with a wrapped. Also, it helps make more special candies compared to striped/color bomb combos. If you have no color bombs or special candies after the moonstruck, try crushing low and hope you make some or get a great cascade effect. The bigger the cascade effect, the more points you will get.

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