Candy Crush Level 511

Candy Crush Level 511 Walkthrough

Collect all orders( 5 color bombs )  and reach 60000 points in 45 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 511

Candy Crush Level 511

1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 90000 points
3 stars: 120000 points


Candy Crush Level 511 is not a tough level at all. There are only 5 colors on the board and you need to make 5 color bombs. Also you are given a color bomb in marmalade at the bottom, so really it’s only 4 you need to make. The more room you have, the easier this level will be. So first thing you should be doing is crushing through the cages. Check the bottom for any places to break cages there. I always try to work my way from the bottom up because the cascade effect can help you crush through the cages much easier. From there it is just a matter of making color bombs! My advice is to use the first one they give you almost as a chain. Once you remove a color it becomes much easier to make another color bomb. If can( but don’t try too hard to do this or you will just waste moves) combine a color bomb and a wrapped candy. This will get rid of 2 colors for you and almost guarantee you will be making another color bomb or 2. If you have no good places to make a color bomb then just crush down at the bottom and hope the cascade effect can make a place for you!

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