Level 117

Candy Crush Level 117

Bring the ingredients down in 40 moves and score 35,000 points


Candy Crush Level 117

Candy Crush Level 117

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 105000 points


When it comes to frustrating levels, level 117 may take the cake. The hardest part of this level is the placement of the ingredients. If the ingredients fall on the side you can be in a world of hurt trying to get it back to the middle. One tip for this level is to try to crush candies toward the middle. This will help the other ingredients drop in the middle. Vertical stripped candy can also be a savior as it can be tough getting the ingredients to drop down that last block. To make matters worse in this level they decided to add chocolate. The chocolate can be the biggest pain of the level but I had some luck breaking the chocolate quick and my ingredients dropping down right under it. As for as levels go that require a ton of luck, Candy Crush Level 117 is one. I know it may take awhile but don’t give up! You’ll beat it eventually.

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2 thoughts on “Level 117

  1. Was stuck on 117 FOREVER! Came across your tips, applied the “work down the middle as much as possible” thing and BEAT that level on the 2nd try! 1st try wouldn’t give me anything to work with in the middle and dropped the cherry after my first move on the side. Thanks for the tips! I’m about to go read 118 now!!!!!

    • [email protected] on said:

      We really appreciate the thanks! Having a blast making the site and we are happy it’s helping people!

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