Candy Crush Level 147

Candy Crush Level 147 Walkthrough

Clear all the Jelly and score 125,000 points in 50 moves.


Candy Crush Level 147

Candy Crush Level 147

1 star: 125000 points
2 stars: 190000 points
3 stars: 230000 points


I know you are frustrated with Candy Crush Level 147. This has so far been the hardest level I’ve come by. I was stuck on this level for days. This is level boils down to a little bit of strategy and a lot of luck! Stick to the bottom of the level and break as many blocks as possible. I usually started out with the middle column. Don’t pass up a chance to make special candies. Wrapped candies were the most effective for me in this level. Color bombs where hard to come by but they still weren’t very useful without combining it with a striped candy. If you can get a horizontal striped candy at the bottom that will help you out a ton, especially if all the blocks are gone. Like I said before this level is a whole lotta luck. Other than trying to make special candies and sticking down low you will have to deal with bombs. It’s best if you wait for the bombs to be in the bottom so you keep crushing down low but I know the bombs killed me when I was close a few times. They come rapid fire as well. You will almost always have one on your board. One last piece of advice I have for you is play on your phone! When the board shuffles on the Facebook app you lose a move but not on the phone app. The board shuffles a couple times in most games around the beginning and sometimes those moves you lose could have been the few you needed.


This level has been made infinitely easier than previously stated. They made the blocks take less hits and made the bombs 15 move bombs instead of 10. This level is much easier to beat now. This level is no longer based on luck but more use of big combos. Color bombs are much easier to make now as the level opens up much quicker since the blocks are easier to crush. The video is updated but I’ll leave the old video up below it in case you would like to see just how hard the level used to be!

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