Candy Crush Level 160

Candy Crush Level 160 Walkthrough

Bring the 10 ingredients down and score 70,000 points in 35 moves.


Candy Crush Level 160

Candy Crush Level 160

Candy Crush Level 160

Candy Crush Level 160

1 star: 70000 points
2 stars: 110000 points
3 stars: 135000 points


Candy Crush Level 160 has recently been updated. They added more ingredients and took out the middle wall of chocolate fans and added red candies. Basically you have more work on your hands now! I’m going to leave the picture of the old level just so everyone know what I’m talking about. Now you need to be dropping the ingredients much much quicker. You have 10 to bring down with only 35 moves. Vertical striped candies are great for bringing down ingredients as well ans wrapped/striped combos. If you can make a color bomb try to mix it with a striped candy. You are almost guaranteed to bring down all the ingredients that are on the board. You should also try to clear the chocolate as fast as possible that starts out at the bottom. Even with adding a color there are still only 5 colors so making special candies should be no problem! We also left a video of the old version of  just in case someone hasn’t updated the game!

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