Level 178

Candy Crush Level 178 Walkthrough

Clear all the Jelly and score 60,000 points in 50 moves


Candy Crush Level 178

Candy Crush Level 178


1 star: 60000 points
2 stars: 90000 points
3 stars: 130000 points


Obviously the first thing on your agenda should be to get rid of the bombs. One catch to getting rid of them is if you break the cream blocks under them without disarming a bomb it’s going to fall into a portal and be pushed off to the side, making it almost impossible to disarm. What you need to do is either move the bomb you are disarming up or make sure you only disarm them vertically to not cause any other bombs to fall off into the sides. After you disarm the bombs the hardest part of this level is getting the left and right corners because they are down low. I can’t really give you much advice on this other than it is what it is. You have to hit them twice. Vertical striped candy on the outside wall works well of combining a striped and wrapped candy in the last row will also work. Another good route is a sprinkled candy mixed with whatever color is in the corner.

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