Level 191

Candy Crush Level 191 Walkthrough

Clear all the Jelly and score 170,000 points in 50 moves.


Candy Crush Level 191

Candy Crush Level 191

1 star: 170000 points
2 stars: 280000 points
3 stars: 310000 points


Just when it looked like things were smooth sailing we hit Candy Crush Level 191. Mentally prepare yourself for a hard level, by this time you’ve been through enough of them. My first strategy was to release the striped candy from the marmalade without moving it, then setting off to release the wrapped candies down the sides. I would then use any means to set off the wrapped candies so that it would take care of the left and right bombs. The middle bomb was the easiest to disarm. It took 2 vertical striped candies or a wrapped/striped candy combo to get rid of. A few other ways I had luck with disarming the bomb were wrapped/wrapped combo in the lower center would take care of the bombs, as well as plow through most of the blocks. Sprinkled candies helped take care of the bombs, especially if you were able to mix a sprinkled/striped candy. Once the bombs are clear it’s just about clearing the jelly by any means possible. I find that sprinkled/striped candies work the best for clearing jellies as well as wrapped/striped combos. The headache of this level for sure is getting rid of the bombs. Just pace yourself and make sure every move you make is the correct one. You’ll get through this level eventually. Good Luck!

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5 thoughts on “Level 191

  1. this game relies WAY too much on pure luck rather than skill and planning. Your strategies make complete sense, until the candies drop down and doom me from the very beginning. I am starting to get majorly turned off

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