Level 211

Candy Crush Level 211 Walkthrough

Score 30,000 points in 17 seconds.


Candy Crush Level 211

Candy Crush Level 211

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 60000 points


This level is impossible to lose if you don’t do anything. That’s right all you have to do is unlock 1 of the +5 sec candies and when time runs out it will turn into a wrapped candy. This candy will then go off and unlock more of the +5 sec candies which will also turn into wrapped candies and go off. Eventually all the +5 sec candies will go off as wrapped candies and you should have more than enough points to clear the level! If you don’t believe me you can watch the video and see for yourself!


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4 thoughts on “Level 211

  1. I wish it worked like that for me. I have been stuck forever and only on a couple of occasions have I got 28000.i hate these timed games.so many lives disappear. I like a challenge but I fear 211 is going to be around until I give up and get my daughter to do it for me. Not yet tho.

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