Candy Crush Level 273

Candy Crush Level 273 Walkthrough

Clear all the Jelly and score 75,000 points in 50 moves.


Candy Crush Level 273

Candy Crush Level 273

1 star: 75000 points
2 stars: 115000 points
3 stars: 150000 points


This level is only a pain because of the bombs. They are 7 move bombs and they drop very frequently. You need to clear space! I started in the middle, that way the initial bombs would drop in the center as well, making it easier to get to if I was forced to crush some candies on the sides to make moves toward the middle. Special candies are essential to beating this level. In my opinion wrapped/striped combos work the best in this level. They usual take out the bombs you have lingering around the level and do some heavy damage to the blocks you must break through. Color bombs helped a lot in clearing a color and helping make special candies. If you can pull off a wrapped/wrapped combo you get some huge destruction to the blocks and bombs. The bombs need to be disarmed but you can’t lose focus on crushing through the blocks. When crushing bombs try to do so with special candies that hit blocks as well or use the bombs to make special candies. This way you’re not just throwing away a move to get rid of a bomb. You will be forced to use close to all your moves, so remember, each move counts

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