Candy Crush Level 297

Candy Crush Level 297 Walkthrough

Reach 11,000 points in 15 secs to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 297

Candy Crush Level 297

1 star: 11000 points
2 stars: ??? points
3 stars: ??? points


Well 11,000 seems like a ton of points in only 15 secs but it really isn’t as bad as it seems. You start out with a color bomb in marmalade which will make getting 11,000 pretty simple, especially if you combine it with a wrapped or striped candy. You’re almost guaranteed to be close of you pull that off. If you can’t or your color bomb goes off before you can don’t worry. Remember, you get a sugar crush in timed levels no matter how many points you have. as long as the color bomb is out of the marmalade it will go off along with any other special candy you have. +5 sec candies will turn into wrapped candies when you get a sugar crush!

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