Candy Crush Level 301

Candy Crush Level 301 Walkthrough

Collect all orders( 20 stripes and 6 wraps) and score 25,000 in 50 moves


Candy Crush Level 301

Candy Crush Level 301

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 160000 points
3 stars: 215000 points


Well you have a few obstacles to deal with in Candy Crush Level 301. firs off you have 5 bomb dispensers sitting in the middle of the level. If you never crush under the bomb dispenser you never have to deal with the bombs. I personally didn’t mind because they were 15 move bombs and didn’t pose instant threat. The easy way to make the striped candies is to make a striped/color bomb combo. this will take of pretty much all the stripes you need to make in this level. The biggest challenge of this map is making the 6 wrapped candies. You do have plenty of moves to make them but having to make 6 on top of the 20 stripes makes this level kinda tough. The striped/color bomb combo will save you a lot fo time in making stripes and let you have more time making the wrapped candies.

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