Candy Crush Level 335

Candy Crush Level 335 Walkthrough

Collect all orders( 2 Color Bombs) and reach 10000 points in 40 moves.


Candy Crush Level 335

Candy Crush Level 335

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 25000 points
3 stars: 350000 points


Candy Crush Level 335 can be a little deceiving when you look at it. You have 2 color bombs in the bottom corners on the level in marmalade but in my opinion they are too hard to get to in 40 moves. You have a lot of cages and blocks to get through to get to both of those colors bombs in 40 moves. My strategy was to clear out the bottom of the level as quickly as possible and make the color bombs myself. They are much easier to make once the bottom half of the level is open. You can try to go for both the color bombs but I honestly think you are better off not. If you still want to, I would only go for one and not waste moves trying to dig to the second color bomb. Any special candies you can make will be good for digging through this level. Wrapped candies are very good for cages and marmalade, especially if you can combine it with a striped or another wrapped candy.

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6 thoughts on “Candy Crush Level 335

  1. This was the easiest last level before ticket since the beginning! The 2 bottom corner chocolates are deceiving – I got both of mine in the body with 17 moves left on my 2nd try! Don't worry about the corners just play for the chocolate in the body.

  2. why ee cant keep going to the nex level 336 this game goes to 415 level but on the phone it only goes to 335 i passt 335 with 2500 point n 3 stars. how can i go to the nex level someone. please explane this to me thanks …n happy new year

  3. Finished this level on my first try and requested tickets from friends to get to the next level. I received one but although another friend sent one, I have not received it. He tried again and all I received was an extra life. Why do we need tickets anyway. How long does one have to wait?

  4. This isn't the candy crush support page. This person did not create nor do they amin the game. It's a TUTORIAL blog. Stop asking about tickets. They probably have as much of an idea why there's an issue with tickets as you do.

  5. Stop asking about tickets. THEY WOULDN'T KNOW. It's not the Cafu crush spry page. Sheesh!

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