Candy Crush Level 345

Candy Crush Level 345 Wakthrough

Collect all orders( 20 stripes, 80 yellow, 80 green) and reach 30,000 points in 50 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 345

Candy Crush Level 345

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 95000 points
3 stars: 115000 points


Candy Crush Level 345 can be a bit of a tough one but I think you can handle it at this point in your candy crush career. You’ve definitely been through way worse! You have a ton of blocks and cages you need to break through to open up the level and get to the three 30 move bombs at the bottom. I in no way shape or form would worry at all about the 160 colors you need to crush. Maybe towards the end if necessary but at the begin your job is going to be getting through the cages and blocks and making sure the bombs don’t go off. Special candies work great for cages and blocks but you start out with only a small space to work with. Get it open! Once you do this hopefully you’ve made some striped candies at this point but if you haven’t no worries. You are probably going to need to make at least 1 color bomb/striped combo to get all 20 striped candies. You don’t necessarily have too but it would be a challenge not to do it this way. You have a few mystery eggs but I wouldn’t count on those helping you get the combo you need. Once you have your striped candies all done, I would assume the level will be pretty much clear of blocks. At this point in time if you need the colors still I would crush and let the cascade effect work it’s magic. This level crumbles pretty easy once it’s opened up enough!

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8 thoughts on “Candy Crush Level 345

  1. this is a crazy level. There are too many 'things' to accomplish in one game…this one might be the end of me!!

  2. I havent beat this yet but I have figured out that if you use your back button and start a game that has all the same colored bombs then if you can get a sprinkled candy then you can get rid of all of the bombs easier.

  3. this is just about impossible to do. i played it fir several days and did not come close time to give up the game!!!!!

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