Candy Crush Level 374

Candy Crush Level 374 Walkthrough

Collect all orders( 150 purple) and reach 20000 points in 50 moves.


Candy Crush Level 374

Candy Crush Level 374

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 450000 points
3 stars: 500000 points


Candy Crush Level 374 is definitely an interesting level. You can score a ton of points depending on how the level plays out. You have a cake cannon in the middle and some cream blocks blocking bombs dispensers. The second you set off the cake cannon you are going to be bombarded with 15 move bombs. The good thing about this though is now you will have much more purples to clear. It can be tough to see combos in the bombs since they are so distracting but remember you can make special candies from bombs, so always have your eye open. You are going to need big combos in this level. Not so much to get 150 purple, since that should be no problem, but to keep the bombs from going off before you get the 150 purples. Color bomb combos are probably going to be your best bet for bomb control but a well placed striped/wrapped combo can be effective as well.

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