Candy Crush Level 375

Candy Crush Level 375 Walkthrough

Clear all the jelly and reach 150,000 points in 50 moves.


Candy Crush Level 375

Candy Crush Level 375

1 star: 150000 points
2 stars: 230000 points
3 stars: 255000 points


Candy Crush Level 375 was definitely a tough one and one about a lot of luck in my opinion. Before we start a couple things you should keep in mind. You absolutely need to get rid of the cake wheel as quickly as possible and in order for no black licorice to drop you need to crush some and only candies will fall down. The left side of the level is the bottom and the right side of the level is the top. The first thing you need to do is crush around the cake wheel as much as possible. Once you clear the cake wheel, you will clear out all the licorice. It will still fall after that but it will not get quite as much. If it does start to spread remember to crush some and it won’t fall. Once you have the cake wheel cleared I would clear the jelly from the bottom and work my way up. Clearing the cake wheel is mostly about lucky. If you can get a wrapped candy next to it or a wrapped/wrapped combo it will clear way easier but any special candies will do. Once the cake wheel is clear remember to create any special candies you. They will help clear jelly especially with the licorice gone.

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