Candy Crush Level 376

Candy Crush Level 376 Walkthrough

Bring down the 18 ingredients and reach 180000 points in 40 moves.


Candy Crush Level 376

Candy Crush Level 376

1 star: 180000 points
2 stars: 260000 points
3 stars: 300000 points


I know 18 ingredients sounds like a lot but when the start dropping the fall like wildfire. Candy Crush Level 376 was actually a very fun one for me. You start off with 2 stripes and a wrapped in marmalade and the only moves you can make are in the top left side. Don’t even worry about the right side yet. You need to get the cake wheel clear. To do this you need to make special candies. The first thing i would do is unlock the wrapped and striped candies and combine them. Remember to move the wrapped candy into the striped in the center so you hit all four side of the cake wheel. After that you can make another wrapped/striped combo and you will be good or just a couple of striped candies. Once you clear the cake wheel the right side will unlock. You should even worry about the left side anymore at this point unless you see a color bomb you can make. Special candies will be so easy to make once the right side is open. You only have 4 colors. At this point in time combos will do you good. Clear the remaining blocks as quickly as possible and you will see the ingredients just start falling. Remember to hang low on the right side if you can’t make any special candies.

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3 thoughts on “Candy Crush Level 376

  1. I've never whined before but I'm whining big time. Will start with a better attitude tomorrow. Hating CC right now.

  2. This level 376 is no fun at all. Even with smashing the pizza in 5 moves, I still can't break through the right to let ALL 18 of the fruit and nuts fall. No fun, CC. No fun at all.

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