Candy Crush Level 405

Candy Crush Level 405 Walkthrough

Collect all orders (15 stripes, 5 wraps) and score 21000 points in 50 moves


Candy Crush Level 405

Candy Crush Level 405

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 60000 points


Candy Crush Level 405 is another tough level but nothing too outrageous. You have a lot of striped candies to make that is for sure, and not a lot of room to make them. The first thing I would do on this level is scan for any special candies I could make right off the bat. If there was none then I would proceed to crush as low as I possibly could, hopefully crushing against blocks because you need to clear up room and the color bomb will help you out a lot. The candies in the marmalade on the sides are helpful but I wouldn’t waste my moves trying to get those. If you end up making horizontal candies or wrapped/striped combos and you some then that’s good but your focus is going to be in the middle. If you do unlock the color bomb I would try to combine it with a striped candy. This will help get the order of striped candies and also potentially set off the candies on the side columns. If you can’t combine it then don’t sweat it, this level is possible without that. You’re just going to need to make a lot of special candies. Once the blocks are clear I would just crush as low as possible, scan the level for any special candies you can make or any moves you can make to shift the board into making a special candy. If there are none then I would proceed to crush as low as possible again.

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