Candy Crush Level 410

Candy Crush level 410 Walkthrough

Clear all the jellies and score 160,000 points in 50 moves


Candy Crush Level 410

Candy Crush Level 410

1 star: 160000 points
2 stars: 260000 points
3 stars: 295000 points


Candy Crush Level 410 used to be a tough level but lucky for us they made a small adjustment that made this level much easier. You have 30 move bombs in the bottom left and right corners that you have to deal with. They can be a bit tough to get to at times but you have plenty of moves to disarm them. Easy ways to clear them are obviously by using special candies to clear them. A well placed wrapped/striped combo can clear almost all of them at once. I used color to clear most of them. Once those are clear this becomes a simple clear the jelly level. I always work my way from the bottom up on jelly levels. This will give you a cascade effect which can help clear the jellies towards the top.

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9 thoughts on “Candy Crush Level 410

  1. Still it depends of how lucky you are. The game should be more fun than this. I hate when you do some progress and then you get a level like this one that it's impossible to beat, it's so sad….

  2. This level is impossible. I occasionally get a color bomb, but can never match it up with a striped or wrapped candy. You have to get several color bombs and/or get extremely lucky to get rid of the bombs before they blow up. This may be my last level. It's just not fun anymore with levels like these.

  3. This demo is not correct. The chocolate would immediately block the middle yellow candy on the bottom after teh first move to create the striped candy. There is no way to stop it without a booster in the real world.

  4. after more than one month I finally beat it… I focused on the chocolte fountain initially to clear the jellies around and then I got lucky to get rid of the bombs… in the last part (in which you have a lot of moves left but remaining jellies in corners very difficult to reah) I got 2 color bombs combinated…. after that I had one jelly remaing… so I could destroy it… very lucky…… but after 5 weeks of trying….. this level is POSSIBLE but extremely challenging…..

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