Candy Crush Level 417

Candy Crush Level 417 Walkhrough

Bring down all 3 ingredients and reach 30000 points in 40 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 417

Candy Crush Level 417

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 100000 points
3 stars: 135000 points


Oh man….where do I start with Candy Crush Level 417. This is has been by far the most frustrating level yet. Why is that? This is level is pure luck. There are some many things going on in this level it can make your head spin. First of all the tornadoes are there to help you believe it or not but they cause you the most frustration. There are 6 of them and you absolutely need them to clear the blocks but while they are good for clearing the blocks they are also good at ruining moves you want to make and making sure you don’t disarm the 6 move bombs that drop a lot. You do get 2 pink wheels at the top. When using them, make sure to move them vertically to get some horizontal striped candies to help clear some blocks on the right side. Also try to avoid hitting too many tornadoes because you do need them. This level is hard to really do much with. Horizontal striped candies are a huge help as well striped/wrapped combos. You need to be clearing blocks but also trying to avoid taking out tornadoes. Vertical striped candies can be very helpful as well if you can get them to drop into the right side. If you can make a color bomb/striped candy that would also be a big help but I wouldn’t count on one of those. The tornadoes make it very hard to make combos. The best advice I can give you is let the tornadoes do their work, disarm bombs when you can, and once you have room on the right side start crushing over there as much as you can.

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3 thoughts on “Candy Crush Level 417

  1. are you kidding me sick of this crap now can;t keep up with the bombs 9-10 times they get me , the twisters take out the one i need to get rid of the bomb ,then i can't use the wheel the twister is in the way then you wait another turn to move it , don't mind a bit of work but when you feel there is no hope what the hell . too many blocks on the other side , to the ones who beat this all th ebest think im done shortly need 50 hammers to get the bombs out

  2. The tornadoes are by far the worst thing they've added to the game. They don't use them much after this episode but they are always a pain in the butt! This episode is by far the worst in the game.

  3. THE WORST level EVER! Those tornadoes are almost enough to make a person give the game up after working to get this far. I guess KING is tired of people playing this game and want them to get frustrated and give up spending money on the levels/extra moves etc… They probably don't have enough room left to store their phat stacks of cash! I'd love to tell them how ridiculous this level is and slap the geeky little programmer that designed this level.. What a jerk! lol

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