Candy Crush Level 424

Candy Crush Level 424 Walkthrough

Clear the jelly and score 155,000 points in 50 moves


Candy Crush Level 424

Candy Crush Level 424

1 star: 155000 points
2 stars: 375000 points
3 stars: 405000 points


Candy Crush Level 424 may look complicated but it really is a simple level. 50 moves is plenty to clear this level. The hardest part of this level is definitely clearing the cake cannons because they are against a wall in the corners. You will need to use striped candies and striped/wrapped combos to clear them. As always you should work at the bottom. This will help you get a cascade effect at the top which will help clear the blocks and you can also work on clearing the cake cannons. Once you get one cake cannon cleared don’t bother with the jellies under it. Clearing the 2nd cake cannon will take one layer of jelly away from the first anyways. Once both cake cannons are cleared you should be almost done with clearing the entire level. It will be just a quick clean up at that point!

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