Candy Crush Level 425

Candy Crush Level 425 Walkthrough

Collect all orders( 5 Striped/Wrapped combos and 230 blue candies) and reach 50000 points in 50 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 425 Updated

Candy Crush Level 425 Updated

1 star: 50000 points
2 stars: 235000 points
3 stars: 25500 points



As if this level wasn’t hard enough, they made the bombs 10 move bombs, instead of 15 move bombs. You now need to worry about getting to the bombs in the corners faster than before. You need to do as much damage to the blocks as possible. If you can make a color bomb/striped combo here this will help so much. I would avoid getting rod of tornadoes at the beginning since they can help with the bombs at times. I would work my way down one side and hopefully make a some combos to clear the other side. If you get lucky enough to fill the spots under the bomb dispensers, I would move my efforts from the bottom to the middle center. This way if you make your wrapped/striped combos, it won’t make the bombs drop again.

Candy Crush Level 425 is slightly challenging but still nothing compared to 421 so I have faith in you. You are going to have 4 15 move bombs in the bottom left and right corners. Bomb control is key to this level. They are in bomb dispensers so you will see them drop out frequently. I would start out by working my way through the blocks at the bottom. Once you break through there clear the bombs that are close to going off. After that look for any kind of special candies to make throughout the board. If you have nothing you can make stay close to the bottom and hope you get a good cascade effect. You will see a lot of action in this level. Don’t worry about the blue just worry about the striped/wrapped combos. the blues will easily fall into place if you can get 5 combos.

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7 thoughts on “Candy Crush Level 425

  1. Passed this after 2 days only once I realized the Facebook app drops 15 move bombs, unlike the mobile app (10 move). Don't even worry about the bombs because the tornadoes always took it out for me. Stripe candies form all the time. The challenge is getting wrapped candies. I used about 3 color balls on the blue to decrease the number needed. If you don't know what move to make, just make a combo on the bottom and let it cascade, which forms many stripe candies. Focus mainly on making a wrap candy and the rest was easy.

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