Candy Crush Level 427

Candy Crush Level 427 Walkthrough

Collect all orders ( 12 wrapped ) and reach 15000 points in 35 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 427

Candy Crush Level 427

1 star: 15000 points
2 stars: 65000 points
3 stars: 130000 points


Candy Crush Level 427 can be kinda tricky of a level. It’s really the first 20 moves that can be hard. You have 35 moves but a 20 move bomb in a cage at the bottom. You have 10 wrapped candies in marmalade. 9 will go off in a chain reaction once you can set one off but the 10th is kinda hard to reach. I wouldn’t stress too much over it. In the first 20 moves you need to find a way to set off the bombs in marmalade. The easiest way is to get a wrapped candy in one of the bottom corners and set it off. It will take the wrapped candies out of marmalade and set them off in one go. If you use a striped candy then it will take 2 hits. Once you get past the first part which is a lot more about luck than skill, you will need to make at most 3 more wrapped candies. You can try just crushing at the bottom and looking for places to make one after each crush but this can be a bit tricky. Just remember this level is no where near as hard as 421! Good Luck!!

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