Candy Crush Level 434

Candy Crush Level 434 Walkthrough

Clear all the jelly and reach 110000 points in 55 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 434

Candy Crush Level 434

1 star: 110000 points
2 stars: 225000 points
3 stars: ???? points


Candy Crush Level 434 is going to be a frustrating one. You start off with 55 moves which is more than enough moves to beat this level but you also have 30 move bombs in the left and right corners which are a pain to reach. The best way I found to get rid of them is to make a color bombs/striped combo. This usually took care of most if not all the bombs. Wrapped/wrapped combos on each side will also do the trick but good luck with that! Another way to at least clear out one side is the place a wrapped candy in the right spot and set it off. It will clear a bomb fall in and blow up the rest. Clearing the bombs is just half the battle. Once they are clear, you need to clean up the rest of the jellies. There may be some left in the corners which are still tough to reach. Another color bomb/striped will easily do the trick but a few stripes in the right spots will also do the trick.

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