Candy Crush Level 451

Candy Crush Level 451 Walkthrough

Clear all the jelly and reach 120000 points in 40 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 451

Candy Crush Level 451

1 star: 120000 points
2 stars: 200000 points
3 stars: 250000 points


Candy Crush Level 451 is not an overly hard level but it can prove to be a bit difficult at times. The hardest jellies to reach are the ones at the bottom and the far left and right columns. The best way to go about beating this level is to use a few color bomb/striped combos. This will inevitably clear most if not the whole level. You do not however need to do it this way. You will need big combos however you go about it. I think the easiest way is to work on striped/wrapped combos and striped/color bomb combos. If you can destroy the black licorice at the bottom before you set off a color bomb/striped combo, you will see better results!

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