Candy Crush Level 462

Candy Crush Level 462 Walkthrough

Reach 100000 points in 40 secs to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 462

Candy Crush Level 462

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 120000 points
3 stars: 140000 points


Candy Crush Level 462 is really not so bad of a level but it is frustrating because it goes by so fast. You can run out of all your lives in less than 5 mins. Playing this one on your phone and using the unlimited lives trick is probably your best bet. You only have 40 secs to scored 100,000 points. Luckily bombs rain down in the middle and they have provided us with a lot of +5 sec candies on the sides in marmalade. There’s a couple ways you can go about this. First is to start on the sides are try to crush a bunch of the +5 sec candies before tackling the middle. The middle is where you are going to score most of your points from bombs. I on the other started in the middle and worked my way to the sides if I could. Usually after I set off a color bomb or wrapped/striped combo and some were unlocked. The only downfall to doing it this way is you can get stuck with a bomb that you just can’t disarm and you will lose. At some point in this level unless you can moves extremely fast, you’re going to need a big combo. Wrapped/striped combo worked best for me. It hit some of the +5 sec candies and cleared up the whole middle. This scored me a lot from bombs. Just keep working at it and eventually you will beat this level.

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One thought on “Candy Crush Level 462

  1. I think this is where I quit, not even fun. They don't give you time to do anything! loosing interest fast. Was fun up to now. No skill nothing in this one. No longer interested. There are a lot more games out there.

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