Candy Crush Level 464

Candy Crush Level 464 Walkthrough


Candy Crush Level 464

Candy Crush Level 464000 points2 stars: 75000 points

Collect all orders( 15 wrapped ) and reach 15000 points in 50 moves to complete the level.

1 star: 15000 points

2 stars: 30000 points

3 stars: 350000 points


Candy Crush Level 464 is decently easy. It can get frustrating from the tornadoes however. You only have 5 colors to work with so wrapped candies aren’t going to be a huge pain to make. On the bottom left and right sides you have striped candies in marmalade. Once those candies are set off bombs and mystery eggs will start dropping in those corners. I tried to avoid those corners as long as I could and make the wrapped candies on m own. I would work my way through the blocks but stay towards the middle. Unfortunately at some point the tornadoes are going to set off the striped candies and you will have bombs to worry about. They are 12 move bombs but they are also tucked away in a corner. I never lost this level to a bomb but it will cut into your wrapped candy making. Color bombs help remove colors from the board and make it much easier to make wrapped candies. If you can combine a color bomb with a wrapped candy, you are almost guaranteed 1 or 2 wrapped candies. I would work as low as possible, hoping that the cascade effect would make some wrapped candies( and it does) but after every move I would scan the level for places to make any wrapped or any possibilities of moving some pieces to make one in 2 moves. Once the corners are open and the mystery eggs are flowing out, I still wouldn’t rely on them to help beat the level.

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