Candy Crush Level 472

Candy Crush Level 472 Walkthrough

Clear all the jelly and reach 160000 points in 33 or 40 moves to complete the level.

Stars (May not be accurate due to there being multiple version of the level)

Candy Crush Level 472

Candy Crush Level 472

1 star: 160000 points
2 stars: 360000 points
3 stars: 390000 points


It would appear there are 2 versions of Candy Crush Level 472 going around at the moment. I had 2 different versions on my Facebook app and my mobile app. I did beat it on my mobile app, which gave me 40 moves instead of 33 but also more cages and less marmalade. Luckily the strategy behind both are more or less the same. You’re going to need a a lot of big combos. This is true for a lot of levels but this one takes the cake. You have to crush the whole level multiple times in every spot. Color bomb/striped, wrapped/wrapped, and striped/wrapped combos are going to be your best friends. Not just one or 2 but multiples. You need to be making special candies whenever possible. If it’s possible, wait to use the first color bomb they give and mix it with a striped candy. This will open the level up so much quicker and save you moves because you’re going to need them all. When you have no moves to make special candies always crush towards the bottom. This will hopefully give you a cascade effect and help clear jelly and make places to create special candies. Try not to waste your special candies with making them a combo. Crush corners whenever you can as well, since these spots can cause the most trouble. Also try getting rid of the far columns early on.

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