Candy Crush Level 499

Candy Crush Level 499 Walkthrough

Clear all the jelly and reach 110000 points in 35 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 499

Candy Crush Level 499

1 star: 110000 points
2 stars: 320000 points
3 stars: 360000 points


Candy Crush Level 499 is kinda of a tough level but nothing you can’t handle. This level is about speed because you only have 35 moves to clear all the jellies and they are dug in deep at the bottom. The cake cannon at the beginning is in your way and you have to clear it fast. Vertical stripped candies will work, crushing on the sides of it, and big combos if you can pull them off. The faster you clear the cake cannon, the faster you can get to the bottom. Once the cake cannon is set off the wrapped candies on the left will finally fall if you hadn’t hit them already with a special candy. At this point, I crush as low as possible and try to get 2 of the wrapped candies as close to the bottom as I could and combine them for a big explosion. This will help clear the blocks at the and uncover the jellies. You will also notice eight move bombs are pouring out of the left side as well now. You are going o have to do you best a almost ignoring these bombs. You don’t have enough moves to clear the jelly and do bomb control. Obviously if they are down to the last few moves, they can’t be ignored but for the most part the cascade effect will take care of them or setting off any special candies you make. Once you clear to the bottom just keep your focus there and you should eventually beat the level.

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