Candy Crush Level 500

Candy Crush Level 500 Walkthrough

Bring down all eight ingredients and reach 80000 points in 65 moves to complete the level.


Candy Crush Level 500

Candy Crush Level 500

1 star: 80000 points
2 stars: 260000 points
3 stars: ?????? points


Candy Crush Level 500 is one of the hardest levels in the game. What was frustrating most to me was the fact I knew exactly how to beat it, I just never seemed to be able to or I would be so close. With that being said, eventually this level was crushed and we are here to hopefully help. Speed is definitely a factor in this level. You get 65 moves which is the most ever but it does not even seem close to enough. You need to clear the cake cannons, as quickly as possible. It works out more in your favor if you clear them one at a time so they can both hit blocks an help you but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. If you get the coconut wheel out of marmalade be sure to use it to help you clear the cake cannons. Just send it up but be careful, if there are black licorice in the way, the wheel will be no help to you. Once the cake cannons, are clear you are going to need to break through the blocks guarding the places to bring the ingredients down. If you can avoid crushing one side of the blocks in front of the ingredient dispensers, you can have ingredients fall on only one side. This can be incredibly helpful! The cake cannons won’t crush the blocks completely either! Wrapped/wrapped combos down low work the absolute best for clearing the blocks out of the bottom but those can be hard to come by. Vertical striped candies will due but remember, moves are running out fast. If you can make a color bomb be sure to try to combine it with a striped candy. This will help you clear the whole level and hopefully some of those blocks in the way. I found the combos I used the most were a wrapped/striped combo. Although not the most ideal it does get the job done. Don’t let chocolate get close to any special candies you are saving, the chocolate is ruthless in this level and swallowed many of my color bombs. Once you get the blocks clear, it’s a matter usually of getting a vertical striped candy or wrapped/stripe combo above them. If you have an easier way of beating this level please share in the comments! Other than that good luck with this level! It’s going to test your nerves once again.

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