Candy Crush Level 65

Candy Crush Level 65 Walkthough

Clear all the jelly and reach 120000 points in 40 moves to complete the candy crush level 65.


Candy Crush Level 65

Candy Crush Level 65

1 star: 120000 points
2 stars: 220000 points
3 stars: 310000 points


Candy Crush Level 65 is a breaking point for most people. This is considered one of the hardest levels in the game. Like all levels with chocolate, you are going to want to get rid of it first. It will make your life so much easier. Vertical striped candies can help get the jellies in the crevices but the hard part of this level is the jellies at the top. If you see a move that can get rid of any at the top don’t hesitate to take it! Wrapped/striped combos will help out so much in this level if can achieve it not to mention striped/sprinkled combo. Another great combo to try is a sprinkle/sprinkle combo. That one is a little hard to achieve but it will clear every spot in the level! Just keep working at it and you’ll eventually get past this annoying level! Another good tip is to work your way up from the bottom after the chocolate is cleared. When crushing down low you have a better chance of getting the cascade effect, so clear the jelly at the bottom first!


This level has been has been made infinitely easier. You lost 10 moves but also some color of candies, making it much easier to make big combos and clear the jellies faster. I would still get rid of the chocolate as quickly as you can but after that work on big combos and this level will be beaten in no time.

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